City Tour de Puno

  • huajsapata puno, amaru tours

    Cerro huajsapata - Puno

  • catedral puno, amaru tours

    Catedral Puno

  • Parque pino, amaru tours puno

    Parque pino

  • Plaza de Armas Puno, amaru tours

    Plaza de armas

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    Zikuris Candelaria - Puno

  • Tejhidos candelaria - Amaru tours Puno

    Tejidos candelaria puno

  • Museo yavari - Amaru tours Puno

    Museo Yavari

huajsapata puno, amaru tours catedral puno, amaru tours Parque pino, amaru tours puno Plaza de Armas Puno, amaru tours Sikuris Puno - amaru tours Tejhidos candelaria - Amaru tours Puno Museo yavari - Amaru tours Puno


Villa of San Carlos de Puno, born of the displacement of the hosts of Gaspar and Jose Salcedo from the mine of Laykakota to Puñuy pampa (Puñuy = sleep, place of sleeping by the Inca royal road) Puno in the heyday of this mine by His economic and political power, became a threat to the crown and Carlos V (King of Spain) orders to end the Salcedo and product of this fact is transferred to the mining town of Laykakota to Puno (1668).

In the City tour (03 hours) starts from the traditional hill of Huajsapata with a colorful view of the city and the bay of Puno and the peninsulas of Capachica and Chucuito; During the tour you will learn the history and ancient legends of the lake, with the Dreyer museum, the Plaza de armas, the cathedral, the Candelaria sanctuary, the patron saint of the city and the declaration of intangible cultural heritage of the Humanity (UNESCO), Pino Park, Colegio San Carlos, Embroidery workshops of dance costumes, Arco Deustua, Puno jetty, Boat Yavari and others showing the history of the Altiplano, Lake Titicaca with the city.

Tour itinerary

Pick up from hotels.
Visit of the Cerrito de Huajsapata (mobility).
Arco Deustua.
Walk to the Pino Park, Sanctuary of Candelaria, Colegio San Carlos.
Dreyer Museum Walk, Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, dance costume workshop.
Embarcadero quay of Puno, boats Ollanta, Yavari University UNA Puno (mobility).
NOTE: Tour around 03 hours, can be given during the day from 08:00 to 15:00 Hours.

The tour include

  • Land mobility.
  • Guide in required language.
  • Tickets to the Dreyer Museum.

Not Included

  • Income to churches.
  • Tips.
  • Not mentioned.

Tour Recommendations

  • Take a jacket with you.
  • Caps, hats and sun cream.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.

$ 40.00 Per person

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