Visit Anapia and Yuspique Islands

Tour Anapia and Yuspique islands (2 days / 1 night)

This spectacular tour will take us to the Wiñaymarca archipelago, which is a set of natural islands like Anapia and Yuspique islands,  with breathtaking scenery, a variety of flora and fauna, and the mystical charm of Lake Titicaca, where we can see an Aymara village and take in the incomparable scenic views of Lake Titicaca and the snowcapped peaks of the Cordillera Real.

We recommend taking PRIVATE transportation to Anapia. In this way you travel more comfortable and you can make stops in the towns of Chucuito, Juli and Pomata. Our economic option is recommended only for travelers with adventurous spirits and ready to return to Puno on their own.



Day 1 Details
07:30 : We will leave for Yunguyo on a tourist bus.
10:00 We will arrive at Yunguyo.
11:30 We will board a motorboat headed to Anapia Island.
12:45 we will arrive at the main pier on Anapia Island and host families will take us to their home.
13:00 We will have lunch with the host families.
14:30 We will share in typical activities with the host families and enjoy hiking around the island.
18:00 We will eat dinner with the host families.
20:30 Settle into our overnight accommodations.
Day 2 Details
05:30 There is an optional excursion with the fishermen.
07:00 Have breakfast with the host families.
08:00 Take a sailboat to the island of the vicuñas (Yuspique Island).
08:40 We’ll begin a one-hour hike to observe the flora and fauna of Yuspique Island.
11:00 Arrive at the lookout point for the archipelago and the vicuñas.
11:30 We will enjoy a typical outdoor lunch on the shores of the lake.
13:30 we will return to Punta Hermosa by motorboat.
15:30 Arrive at Punta Hermosa.Provide transportation back to Puno or to the border at Kasani – Copacabana / Bolivia.


  • Pickup from the hotel
  • Tour guide (Spanish / English)
  • Admission tickets
  • Transportation by land and water
  • Lodging with a hot family
  • Lunch, dinner and breakfast
  • Sailing on boats.

Not included

  • Tips
  • Anything not listed above

Useful information

Anapia Island is far from the conventional way. The beauty of its landscapes and its remote location make this island a privileged place where only a few people arrive.

During this visit you can enjoy walks with the host family and share with them talks, ideas and impressions. Until now this slow and respectful cultural exchange has made the native people of Anapia understand the value of continuing to receive a non-massive tourism as well as the value of preserving their culture, their language and being proud of their indigenous origins. The visit of this community is complemented by sailboat rides and walks in the neighboring islands.

On Yuspique Island there are more than 60 vicuñas under the protection of the community. The vicuñas are the Andean camelids of very fine wool that live freely in the high Andean plains. These animals have been on the verge of extinction due to illegal hunting. In Yuspique you can walk around the island and capture images of the vicuñas and the snow-capped mountains of the Cordillera Real. This day a group of women from the community will prepare a typical outdoor lunch for the visitor. We use the sailboats of local fishermen to transport from one island to another. You will be amazed at the ability of women and children to navigate Lake Titicaca.


  • Bring a jacket
  • hat
  • sunhat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottles
  • comfortable walking shoes.

US$ 266.00 / per person

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